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Can Old Marble Be Restored?

One of the first things visitors to your home or establishment will notice is your stunning marble floors, countertops of other surface. The team at Experience Janitorial Services are in the business of making your marble stone shine. We not only thoroughly clean stone, but also restore it. Our team of qualified marble technicians specialize in making natural stone look like new.

Common marble restoration services include:

  • Marble Polishing & Honing – Every day wear and tear can remove the luster or shine from your marble floors, counter tops or other marble surfaces. When this happens, call the team at Experience Janitorial Services. We use specially formulated polishers to thoroughly clean and hone your marble. With this service, the shine of your marble will be fully restored.
  • Diamond Refinishing – If your marble surface is scratched, badly worn or dull, diamond refinishing may be recommended. This process includes a light wet sanding which creates a new and smooth stone surface. This new surface will be properly polished which allows the natural luster and beauty of the stone to shine through.
  • Crystallization Removal – This is a common method of marble restoration, however it can damage the marble. This chemical treatment is highly acidic and creates a micro film on the surface of stone. This provides a shine, but it also prevents the marble from breathing. Luckily, this type of finish can be removed and your stone properly restored.
  • Floor Leveling – When a new floor is laid or an old floor repaired, this step removes ledges so that all tiles are the same height. If this step is skilled, some tiles could be higher or lower than the floor flatness which leads to cracks and a potential tripping hazard. This step will also remove even the deepest scratches and stains.

As you can see, there are many ways to bring your old and dull marble surfaces back to their original shiny state. If you are interested in marble restoration in Orange County, call the experts at Experience Janitorial Services.

What Marble Restoration Services Does Experience Janitorial Service Offer?

If you are looking for marble restoration in Orange County, Experience Janitorial Services is here to help. Our team offers a range of restoration services including:

  • Complete marble restoration
  • Marble repairs
  • Marble detailing
  • Marble polishing
  • Marble scratch and stain removal.

When you engage our expert services, we will make your marble tile and countertops look great again!

How is a Marble Surface Properly Maintained?

Marble floor maintenance is the periodic process of keeping your marble floors or other surface in the best possible condition. This not only preserves the beauty of the stone, but ensures it will serve you for years to come. An important step can be followed during daily housekeeping. Be sure to keep your floors free from dirt or other debris. Aside from this simple step, you will also need to periodically have a professional maintenance serve performed. Experience Janitorial Service can provide comprehensive marble maintenance services to ensure your stone remains beautiful and protected for years to come.

Why Should I Choose Experience Janitorial Services?

Experience Janitorial Services has proudly served the Orange County area for over 40 years. When you need stone restoration in Orange County, our wide range of services at the best price is a guarantee. Call Experience Janitorial Services today and enjoy many benefits including:

  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Trained and Experienced Janitors
  • Full Service Company
  • Great Customer Service
  • 24 Hour Service / 7 Days a week
  • Best Prices on Supplies Like Paper and Liners

Experience Janitorial Services offers a team of dependable experts as well as a long history of satisfied customers. We can easily tailor our cleaning or restoration services to meet your budget. With Experience Janitorial Services, you will get exactly what you need, and always at a price you can afford. When you choose Experience Janitorial Services, our team will deliver great services to your complete satisfaction. When you call we can provide you with a quick estimate and turnaround time. Contact us today to find out how our team of marble experts can transform the dull appearance of your marble surface while letting its natural beauty shine through.

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