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What is Slate?

Slate is a fine grained metamorphic rock that is formed by the metamorphism of shale and clay under low temperature and pressures. This type of stone tends to split into sheet-like pieces. It is available in a multitude of colors and is a very dense yet soft surface that is easily scratched. However, it has low porosity and is a great option for both indoor and outdoor use.

Most slate stone ranges in color from gray to black, however it may also feature reds, blues, greens or purples, depending on the stone’s mineral content. The surface of slate is widely known to be uneven with cleft planes and viable layers. This makes it a popular option for those who want a more natural looking stone.

Slate has a low to medium absorption level of oils and liquids. Despite this, it should be sealed with an oil-repellant penetrating sealer to ensure staining does not occur. To ensure it does not crack or break, it should also never be cleaned at pressures above 800 PSI.

There are several popular slate types, including:

  • Vermont Slate – This style is typically smoother and denser. It only features one color of red, green, black or blue.
  • Indian and Chinese Slates – These types are dense and soft and can feature a wide variety of colors.
  • Brazilian Slate – This style is typically dense and hard and boasts interesting colors and patterns.

Some types of slate can be damaged or stained if not properly maintained. To ensure your slate is always looking its best, turn to the team of professionals at Experience Janitorial Services.

How Is Slate Properly Maintained?

Some slate maintenance can be performed by the owner, while other services need to be done by a professional. For routine cleaning, simply:

  • Routinely sweep or dust any loose dirt and debris
  • Use a neutral cleaner specially formulated for natural stone and does not include acids or abrasive ingredients for deeper cleaning.

There are times when your slate flooring may need to be re-sealed. While you can perform this task yourself, you can also turn to the experts at Experience Janitorial Services. Our team will ensure that your slate stone is properly cleaned and sealed to prevent damage or stains. If you do not know what you are doing, you could cause damage to your slate or fail to properly seal it. The team at Experience Janitorial Services will ensure that your slate is properly sealed and fully protected. If you are looking for slate tile restoration, slate tile repair and slate tile cleaning in Orange County, look no further than Experience Janitorial Services.

Can Experience Janitorial Services Help Repair or Restore My Slate Surfaces?

For over 40 years, Experience Janitorial Services has served the Orange County area with services like slate tile restoration and repair. If you need an expert to help you preserve your slate flooring, call Experience Janitorial Services today. When you choose us over other stone service providers, you will give you access to many benefits like:

  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Best Prices on Supplies
  • Great Customer Service
  • Full Service Company
  • Trained and Experienced Janitors
  • 24 Hour Service / 7 Days a week

Experience Janitorial Services is highly dependable and can prove it with a long history of satisfied clients. We tailor each cleaning service or slate tile repair or restoration service to meet your needs and budget. With Experience Janitorial Service, you will get exactly what you need at a price that is affordable. Give the team at Experience Janitorial Services a call today for a quick estimate and we can deliver great services to you at a price you will be satisfied with.

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